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What does TIM Participacoes SA do?
TIM Participacoes (BVMF:TIMS3), (NYSE:TSU) specializes in providing mobile telecommunication services across Brazil. The company operates under the brand name TIM, focusing on mobile, fixed, and broadband internet services, as well as offering advanced digital services to both personal and business customers. TIM is known for its extensive national coverage and for being at the forefront of introducing new technologies and services in the telecommunications sector in Brazil. It actively pursues projects aimed at enhancing network infrastructure, expanding 4G and 5G coverage, and investing in innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers. The company's objectives center around sustainable growth, customer satisfaction, and leading the digital transformation in Brazil to connect and empower societies.
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What sector is TIM Participacoes SA in?

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Communication Services

Where is the head office for TIM Participacoes SA?

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Head Office
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What year was TIM Participacoes SA founded?

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What does TIM Participacoes SA specialise in?
/Telecommunication Services /Mobile Connectivity /Broadband Internet /Landline Services /Digital Inclusion /Infrastructure Expansion

What are the products and/or services of TIM Participacoes SA?

Overview of TIM Participacoes SA offerings
Mobile Telecommunications Services - Offers voice, data and video communication services to consumers and businesses.
TIM Live - Provides ultra-broadband internet services utilizing fiber-optic technology.
TIM Music - A music streaming service partnership offering unlimited music without consuming data allowance.
TIM Banca Virtual - A digital platform providing access to magazines and newspapers.
IoT Solutions - Offers solutions for the Internet of Things, enabling smart cities and businesses to leverage connected technologies.
Cloud & Data Center Services - Provides cloud computing solutions, hosting, and data center services to businesses.

Who is in the executive team of TIM Participacoes SA?

TIM Participacoes SA leadership team
  • Mr. Alberto Mario Griselli
    Mr. Alberto Mario Griselli
    CEO, Interim Investor Relations Officer & Director
  • Ms. Andrea Palma Viegas Marques
    Ms. Andrea Palma Viegas Marques
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Fabiane  Reschke
    Ms. Fabiane Reschke
    Legal Officer & Secretary
  • Ms. Maria Antonietta Russo
    Ms. Maria Antonietta Russo
    People, Culture & Organization Officer
  • Mr. Renato  Ciuchini
    Mr. Renato Ciuchini
    VP, Chief New Bossiness & Innovation Officer
  • Ms. Elisabetta Paola Romano
    Ms. Elisabetta Paola Romano
    Chief Network Operations & Wholesale Officer and Director
  • Vicente  Ferreira
    Vicente Ferreira
    Investor Relations Officer