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What does The9 do?
The9 ADR (NASDAQ:NCTY) is a diversified internet company centered around the development and operation of diverse online services and products, including online games, community platforms, and blockchain-related initiatives. Its portfolio includes projects across online gaming, media platforms, and investments in blockchain technologies, aiming to offer innovative digital experiences. The9 places a strong emphasis on expanding its footprint in the blockchain sector, frequently exploring new projects and partnerships to leverage the technology for gaming and beyond. Through strategic collaborations and development, The9 seeks to cater to a broad audience, focusing on delivering engaging content and services while pursuing growth opportunities in emerging digital trends.
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What sector is The9 in?

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Communication Services

Where is the head office for The9 ?

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Head Office
Shanghai, China

What year was The9 founded?

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Year Founded
What does The9 specialise in?
/Online Gaming /Mobile Applications /Digital Advertising /Blockchain Technology /Game Development /Artificial Intelligence

What are the products and/or services of The9 ?

Overview of The9 offerings
Cloud computing and data services, offering scalable solutions for businesses.
NFT (Non-fungible tokens) platform, enabling digital asset creation and trading.
Blockchain services, providing infrastructure for cryptocurrency transactions.
Mobile and online games development, including cross-platform interactive games.
Virtual reality projects, focusing on immersive VR experiences.
E-sports events and tournaments management, promoting competitive gaming leagues.

Who is in the executive team of The9 ?

The9 leadership team
  • Mr. Jun  Zhu
    Mr. Jun Zhu
    Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Kwok Ho  Lai
    Mr. Kwok Ho Lai
    CFO & Director
  • Wendy  Weng
    Wendy Weng
    Manager of Investor Relations