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The Sandbox (CRYPTO:SAND) is a decentralized metaverse platform where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences and assets. The Sandbox offers a suite of tools, tailor-made to empower players to come together and create engaging experiences across the metaverse. The Sandbox's operations are focused on developing and maintaining the Sandbox metaverse platform. The company also works with partners to develop and integrate games and experiences into the Sandbox metaverse. The Sandbox's projects include developing a decentralized land marketplace, a decentralized asset marketplace, and a decentralized game creator. The Sandbox's objectives are to build a decentralized metaverse platform that is powered by blockchain technology, to give users more control over their gaming experiences, and to create a more equitable and inclusive gaming ecosystem. The company is also committed to building a metaverse that is fun and engaging for people of all ages and backgrounds.
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Hong Kong

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/Animoca Brands Portfolio /Binance Launchpad /Collectibles & NFTs /Content Creation /Ethereum Ecosystem /Gaming /Metaverse /Play To Earn /SEC Security Token

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Overview of The Sandbox offerings
Asset marketplace: The Sandbox has a marketplace where players can buy, sell, and trade assets, such as game characters, items, and vehicles.
Game creation tools: The Sandbox provides players with a variety of tools to create their own games and experiences.
Land ownership: Players can purchase plots of land in The Sandbox and use them to build games, experiences, and other assets.
Monetization tools: The Sandbox provides players with a variety of tools to monetize their games and experiences, such as charging admission fees or selling in-game items.
Sandbox Game Maker Fund: The Sandbox Game Maker Fund is a $100 million fund that supports game developers who are building games on The Sandbox platform.
The Sandbox Alpha: The Sandbox Alpha is a playable version of The Sandbox that is open to a limited number of players.