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What does The Dixie Group do?
The Dixie Group (NASDAQ:DXYN) specializes in the marketing, manufacturing, and sale of high-end residential and commercial carpet and rug products. Primarily focused in the United States, The Dixie Group caters to a wide range of customers seeking quality and style in floorcovering options. From design and creation to distribution, the company's projects are diverse, aiming to push the boundaries of innovation in textiles for both living and workspaces. Objectives include sustainability in product development, excellence in customer service, and expanding market reach while maintaining the integrity and quality that The Dixie Group is known for. Through its commitment to these goals, the company seeks to enhance shareholder value and establish a stronger presence in the flooring industry.
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What sector is The Dixie Group in?

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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for The Dixie Group?

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Head Office
Dalton, United States

What year was The Dixie Group founded?

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What does The Dixie Group specialise in?
/Floorcoverings Manufacturer /Luxury Carpets /Fine Rugs /Home Furnishings /Residential Sector /Commercial Sector

What are the products and/or services of The Dixie Group?

Overview of The Dixie Group offerings
Luxury carpets and rugs targeted toward high-end residential customers, featuring unique designs and superior quality materials.
Custom carpeting solutions for commercial applications, including corporate offices, hospitality, and public spaces, designed for durability and aesthetic appeal.
TruCorâ„¢, a line of luxury vinyl flooring that offers the realistic look of wood or stone with the durability and water resistance of vinyl.
Masland Contract, a segment focusing on innovative, high-quality carpeting and flooring solutions tailored for the commercial market.
Fabrica, a premium brand offering luxurious carpets, rugs, and hard surface flooring known for its distinctive style, quality, and performance.

Who is in the executive team of The Dixie Group?

The Dixie Group leadership team
  • Mr. Daniel K. Frierson
    Mr. Daniel K. Frierson
    Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Daniel Kennedy Frierson Jr.
    Mr. Daniel Kennedy Frierson Jr.
    VP, COO & Director
  • Mr. Thomas M. Nuckols Jr.
    Mr. Thomas M. Nuckols Jr.
    VP & President of Dixie Residential
  • Mr. Allen L. Danzey
    Mr. Allen L. Danzey
    VP & CFO
  • Mr. W. Derek Davis
    Mr. W. Derek Davis
    VP of Human Resources & Corporate Secretary