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What does Texas Pacific Land Trust do?
Texas Pacific Land Trust (NYSE:TPL) is a vast landowner in Texas, primarily engaged in managing land resources spanning vast areas. Their operations include revenue generation through the sale of land, oil and gas royalties, grazing and sundry leases, and easements. This company plays a pivotal role in the region's real estate and natural resource sectors, focusing on maximizing the value of their extensive land holdings. The projects undertaken by Texas Pacific Land Trust aim at sustainable development, conservation efforts, and exploiting the economic potential of their assets in alignment with market demands. Their main objective is to deliver consistent value to their stakeholders while ensuring the preservation and responsible stewardship of the land, reflecting a blend of economic interests with environmental and community considerations.
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Where is the head office for Texas Pacific Land Trust?

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Dallas, United States

What year was Texas Pacific Land Trust founded?

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What does Texas Pacific Land Trust specialise in?
/Land Management /Oil Royalties /Gas Royalties /Water Sales /Land Development /Easements Licensing

What are the products and/or services of Texas Pacific Land Trust?

Overview of Texas Pacific Land Trust offerings
Land and Resource Management - Maximizes revenue through the management of land, resources, and royalties.
Water Sales and Services - Provides water sourcing and infrastructure for oil and gas development.
Land Sales - Facilitates the sale of land parcels for residential, commercial, and agricultural development.
Easements and Commercial Leases - Offers easement agreements and commercial leases for various projects and developments.
Oil, Gas, and Mineral Royalties - Manages oil, gas, and mineral interests to generate royalty income.
Environmental Stewardship and Conservation - Implements practices and partnerships to preserve and enhance land environmental quality.

Who is in the executive team of Texas Pacific Land Trust?

Texas Pacific Land Trust leadership team
  • Mr. Tyler  Glover
    Mr. Tyler Glover
    President, CEO & Trustee
  • Mr. Chris  Steddum
    Mr. Chris Steddum
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Micheal W. Dobbs
    Mr. Micheal W. Dobbs
    Senior VP, Secretary & General Counsel
  • Ms. Stephanie D. Buffington
    Ms. Stephanie D. Buffington
    Chief Accounting Officer
  • Shawn  Amini
    Shawn Amini
    Vice President of Finance & Investor Relations
  • Mr. Robert A. Crain
    Mr. Robert A. Crain
    Executive Vice President of Texas Pacific Water Resources LLC