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What does Telefonica do?
Telefonica (BME:TEF), (NYSE:TEF) is a global telecommunications powerhouse with a dynamic presence in Europe and Latin America. The company operates extensively in the fields of mobile and fixed-line communications, broadband, and digital services. With a strategic focus on innovation and technology, Telefonica is dedicated to transforming the way people connect and access information. Its projects span across developing 5G networks, enhancing cybersecurity solutions, and exploring digital business opportunities to meet the evolving demands of its global customer base. Telefonica's objectives are centered on sustainable growth, customer satisfaction, and leading the digital revolution to create a more connected and empowered society.
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Is Telefonica a public or private company?


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What sector is Telefonica in?

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Communication Services

Where is the head office for Telefonica ?

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Head Office
Madrid, Spain

What year was Telefonica founded?

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Year Founded
What does Telefonica specialise in?
/Telecommunications Services /Digital Solutions /Data Center /Internet Television /Cloud Computing /Cybersecurity Services

What are the products and/or services of Telefonica ?

Overview of Telefonica offerings
Mobile and broadband telecommunications services, offering extensive coverage and connectivity through its various global networks.
Movistar+, a digital television platform providing a wide range of channels and on-demand content.
Cloud computing solutions, aimed at businesses seeking scalable digital infrastructure and services.
Cybersecurity services, offering protection for corporations against digital threats and enhancing their digital security posture.
Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, enabling the digital transformation and interconnectivity of devices across industries.
Big Data and AI analytics, providing insights and predictive analysis for businesses to improve decision-making and operational efficiency.

Who is in the executive team of Telefonica ?

Telefonica leadership team
  • Mr. Jose María Alvarez-Pallete Lopez
    Mr. Jose María Alvarez-Pallete Lopez
    CEO & Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Angel  Vila Boix
    Mr. Angel Vila Boix
    COO & Executive Director
  • Ms. Laura Abasolo García de Baquedano
    Ms. Laura Abasolo García de Baquedano
    Chief Financial and Control Officer & Head of Hispanoamerica
  • Mr. Enrique  Blanco
    Mr. Enrique Blanco
    Chief Technology & Information Officer
  • Adrian Zunzunegui Ruano
    Adrian Zunzunegui Ruano
    Head of Investor Relations
  • Mr. Pablo  de Carvajal González
    Mr. Pablo de Carvajal González
    Gen. Counsel, Gen. Secretary, Secretary of Board, Global Dir. of Reg. Aff. & Head of Security Area
  • Mr. Francisco  de Bergia Gonzalez
    Mr. Francisco de Bergia Gonzalez
    Chairman of Public Affairs
  • Ms. Marta  Machicot
    Ms. Marta Machicot
    Chief People Officer