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What does Telecom Argentina do?
Telecom Argentina (BCBA:TECO2), (NYSE:TEO) specializes in providing a wide range of telecommunications services including internet, mobile, and fixed lines, as well as cable TV across Argentina. The company focuses on enhancing digital connectivity and infrastructure while expanding its service offerings to meet the evolving needs of its customers. Telecom Argentina is committed to implementing cutting-edge technologies to improve service quality and accessibility, aiming to foster digital inclusion and support the development of the digital economy in Argentina. Additionally, it undertakes various projects aimed at expanding its network capabilities and improving customer experience, setting objectives to maintain its position as a key player in the telecommunications industry in Argentina.
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Is Telecom Argentina a public or private company?


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What sector is Telecom Argentina in?

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Communication Services

Where is the head office for Telecom Argentina ?

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Head Office
Buenos Aires, Argentina

What year was Telecom Argentina founded?

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Year Founded
What does Telecom Argentina specialise in?
/Telecommunication Services /Broadband Internet /Cable Television /Mobile Services /Cloud Services /IoT Solutions

What are the products and/or services of Telecom Argentina ?

Overview of Telecom Argentina offerings
Fibertel broadband internet, offering high-speed connectivity and various plans tailored to meet customer needs.
Personal mobile services, providing voice, data, and video communication solutions across multiple networks.
Cablevisión digital cable TV, delivering a wide range of channels and entertainment content.
Flow streaming platform, enabling users to access live TV and on-demand content across devices.
Arnet traditional DSL internet service, catering to customers with specific connectivity requirements.
Telecom Cloud, offering cloud computing solutions to businesses for scalable and flexible IT infrastructure.

Who is in the executive team of Telecom Argentina ?

Telecom Argentina leadership team
  • Mr. Roberto  Daniel Nóbile
    Mr. Roberto Daniel Nóbile
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Gabriel Pablo Blasi
    Mr. Gabriel Pablo Blasi
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Gonzalo  Hita
    Mr. Gonzalo Hita
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Miguel  Angel Fernández
    Mr. Miguel Angel Fernández
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Luis F. Rial Ubago
    Luis F. Rial Ubago
    IR Associate
  • Mr. Pablo  César Casey
    Mr. Pablo César Casey
    Director of Legal & Institutional
  • Mr. Alejandro  Miralles
    Mr. Alejandro Miralles
    Chief Audit & Compliance Officer
  • Mr. Pedro L. Lopez Matheu
    Mr. Pedro L. Lopez Matheu
    Director of External Communications, Sustainability & Media