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What does Tejon Ranch Co do?
Tejon Ranch Co (NYSE:TRC), one of America's largest diversified real estate companies, spans across commercial and industrial complex development, resort/residential real estate projects, and natural resource management. This entity owns over 270,000 acres of land in California, positioning it for substantial strategic development and conservation efforts. Engaging in a broad array of activities, its objectives include innovative land management, sustainable development practices, and creating high-value real estate projects that align with community needs and environmental stewardship. With a forward-thinking approach, Tejon Ranch Co aims to maximize its land's value while ensuring conservation principles guide its development projects, showcasing a commitment to balancing growth with ecological responsibility.
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Real Estate

Where is the head office for Tejon Ranch Co?

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California, United States

What year was Tejon Ranch Co founded?

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What does Tejon Ranch Co specialise in?
/Real Estate Development /Natural Resource Management /Commercial Leasing /Agricultural Services /Mineral Resources /Renewable Energy

What are the products and/or services of Tejon Ranch Co?

Overview of Tejon Ranch Co offerings
Real estate development, focusing on residential, commercial, and industrial projects to leverage the vast land portfolio.
Conservation efforts, emphasizing the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity across extensive acreage.
Agriculture, producing almonds, pistachios, wine grapes, and cattle, contributing to sustainable land use and food supply.
Commercial retail operations, including the Outlets at Tejon, offering shopping experiences and boosting local economy.
Renewable energy projects, exploring solar and wind energy production to promote sustainability and reduce carbon footprint.
Water resource management, ensuring the sustainable use and allocation of water resources for agriculture, development, and conservation efforts.

Who is in the executive team of Tejon Ranch Co?

Tejon Ranch Co leadership team
  • Mr. Gregory S. Bielli
    Mr. Gregory S. Bielli
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Brett A. Brown
    Mr. Brett A. Brown
    CFO & Executive VP
  • Mr. Allen E. Lyda
    Mr. Allen E. Lyda
    COO & Executive VP
  • Mr. Robert D. Velasquez
    Mr. Robert D. Velasquez
    Senior VP of Finance & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Michael R. W. Houston
    Mr. Michael R. W. Houston
    Senior VP, General Counsel & Secretary
  • Mr. Hugh F. McMahon IV
    Mr. Hugh F. McMahon IV
    Executive Vice President of Real Estate
  • Mr. Derek C. Abbott
    Mr. Derek C. Abbott
    Senior Vice President of Real Estate
  • Mr. Michael L. Campeau
    Mr. Michael L. Campeau
    Senior Vice President of Ranch Operations