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What does Teekay Tankers do?
Teekay Tankers (NYSE:TNK) operates as a marine transportation company, primarily focusing on the transportation of crude oil and refined petroleum products through their large fleet of mid-size tankers. The company's operations span worldwide, encompassing a variety of voyages and charter contracts that aim to meet the diverse shipping requirements of its global clientele. With a strong commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, and operational efficiency, Teekay Tankers continually seeks to enhance its fleet's performance while striving to maximize value for its stakeholders. The objectives of Teekay Tankers include expanding its market presence, optimizing fleet utilization, and adhering to the highest environmental and safety standards, all to ensure they remain at the forefront of the tanker industry and continue to provide top-tier services to their customers.
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Where is the head office for Teekay Tankers?

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Hamilton, Bermuda

What year was Teekay Tankers founded?

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What does Teekay Tankers specialise in?
/Oil Transportation /Tanker Operations /Ship-to-Ship Transfer /Marine Services /Vessel Management /Fleet Ownership

What are the products and/or services of Teekay Tankers?

Overview of Teekay Tankers offerings
Crude Oil Transportation: Offering global maritime transport for crude oil with a large, modern fleet of tankers.
Aframax Tankers: Specializing in mid-sized tankers ideal for medium volume crude oil shipments.
Suezmax Tankers: Operating large tankers designed for traversing the Suez Canal, maximizing cargo volume.
Product Tankers: Providing transport solutions for refined petroleum products across international markets.
Lightering Services: Expertise in ship-to-ship transfer operations, ensuring safe and efficient cargo handling.
Time Charter Services: Offering vessels on a time-charter basis to meet specific customer requirements for flexibility and reliability.

Who is in the executive team of Teekay Tankers?

Teekay Tankers leadership team
  • Mr. Kevin J. Mackay
    Mr. Kevin J. Mackay
    President & CEO
  • Mr. Stewart  Andrade
    Mr. Stewart Andrade
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Jim  Basterfield
    Mr. Jim Basterfield
    Head of Human Resources
  • Ms. Edith  Robinson
    Ms. Edith Robinson
    Corporate Secretary
  • Mr. Christian  Waldegrave
    Mr. Christian Waldegrave
    Director of Research & Commercial Performance