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Team (NYSE:TISI) specializes in providing integrated, digitally-enabled asset performance assurance and optimization solutions. Operating across a wide range of heavy industries, including the petrochemical, oil & gas, power, refining, and aerospace sectors, Team focuses on enhancing the safety, reliability, and operational efficiency of its client's assets. Through its extensive suite of services, which encompasses inspection, engineering assessment, repair, and maintenance services, Team aims to extend the lifespan of critical industrial infrastructure. The company's objectives center around leveraging technology and expertise to reduce operational risks, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and support clients in achieving their sustainability goals. By focusing on innovation and customer service, Team strives to be a trusted partner in asset performance and optimization, contributing to the safer and more efficient operation of industrial facilities worldwide.
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Sugar Land, United States

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What does Team specialise in?
/Industrial Services /Inspection Services /Engineering Procedures /Maintenance Solutions /Leak Repair /Pipeline Assessments

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Overview of Team offerings
Inspection and assessment services for identifying damages and ensuring safety compliance in industrial equipment.
Heat treating services for enhancing the properties of metals used in various industries.
Field machining services providing onsite equipment repair and maintenance.
Leak repair and emissions control services to minimize environmental impact and improve safety.
Valve repair and maintenance services to ensure operational efficiency and reliability in industrial settings.
Hot tapping and line stopping services, enabling modifications to pipelines without interrupting operations.

Who is in the executive team of Team?

Team leadership team
  • Mr. Michael J. Caliel
    Mr. Michael J. Caliel
    Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Keith D. Tucker
    Mr. Keith D. Tucker
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Nelson M. Haight
    Mr. Nelson M. Haight
    Executive VP & CFO
  • Mr. André C. Bouchard
    Mr. André C. Bouchard
    Executive VP of Administration, Chief Legal Officer & Secretary
  • Mr. Matthew E. Acosta
    Mr. Matthew E. Acosta
    VP & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Christopher  Robinson C.F.A.
    Christopher Robinson C.F.A.
    Vice President of Corporate Development & Investor Relations
  • Mr. Michael R. Wood
    Mr. Michael R. Wood
    Senior Vice President of Health, Safety & Environment