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What does TE Connectivity do?
TE Connectivity (NYSE:TEL) specializes in technology and manufacturing, focusing on creating a safer, sustainable, and connected future. TE Connectivity shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker code (NYSE:TEL). The company's operations span various sectors including automotive, industrial equipment, aerospace, defense, and telecommunications, highlighting its diverse portfolio. Its projects aim at innovating in connectivity and sensor solutions, addressing challenges in harsh environments, and enhancing the performance and reliability of electronic components. TE Connectivity's objectives are geared towards advancing connectivity and technological solutions to meet the evolving demands of a digital and interconnected world, thereby driving efficiency, productivity, and safety across industries.
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What sector is TE Connectivity in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for TE Connectivity?

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Head Office
Schaffhausen, Switzerland

What year was TE Connectivity founded?

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Year Founded
What does TE Connectivity specialise in?
/Connectivity Solutions /Sensor Technologies /Electrical Components /Data Communication Systems /Sustainable Technology /Aerospace Innovations

What are the products and/or services of TE Connectivity?

Overview of TE Connectivity offerings
Automotive Solutions - Specializes in connectors and sensors for the automotive industry, enhancing vehicle safety, performance, and connectivity.
Industrial Solutions - Offers rugged connectors, sensors, and components for harsh industrial environments, improving reliability and efficiency.
Data and Devices - Provides high-speed data connectors, power contacts, and cable assemblies for data centers and consumer electronics, enabling faster and more reliable data communication.
Medical Technology - Develops medical-grade connectors, sensors, and cables for healthcare devices, supporting patient monitoring and diagnostics.
Aerospace, Defense, and Marine - Supplies advanced connectors, relays, and fiber optics for harsh environments, ensuring reliable communication and control.
Energy - Offers connectors, insulators, and protection devices for power transmission and distribution, enhancing grid reliability and supporting renewable energy.

Who is in the executive team of TE Connectivity?

TE Connectivity leadership team
  • Mr. Terrence R. Curtin C.P.A.
    Mr. Terrence R. Curtin C.P.A.
    CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Heath A. Mitts
    Mr. Heath A. Mitts
    CFO, Executive VP & Executive Director
  • Mr. John S. Jenkins Jr.
    Mr. John S. Jenkins Jr.
    Executive VP & General Counsel
  • Mr. Aaron Kyle Stucki
    Mr. Aaron Kyle Stucki
    President of Communications Solutions Segment
  • Mr. Steven T. Merkt
    Mr. Steven T. Merkt
    President of Transportation Solutions
  • Jim  Tobojka
    Jim Tobojka
    Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Mr. Joseph F. Eckroth Jr.
    Mr. Joseph F. Eckroth Jr.
    Chief Information Officer & Senior VP
  • Mr. Sujal  Shah
    Mr. Sujal Shah
    Vice President of Investor Relations