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Symbiosis (CRYPTO:SIS) is a cross-chain bridge and liquidity protocol that enables users to swap assets and transfer liquidity across different blockchain networks. It does this by aggregating liquidity from different decentralized exchanges (DEXes) and providing users with a single interface to access it all. Symbiosis also uses a number of innovative features to improve the efficiency and security of cross-chain transactions. The Symbiosis team is currently working on a number of different projects, including expanding the number of blockchain networks that Symbiosis supports, developing new features and tools to make Symbiosis even easier and more efficient to use, and partnering with other DeFi projects to build a more integrated and seamless cross-chain ecosystem. The overall objective of the Symbiosis team is to make cross-chain DeFi more accessible and user-friendly. They are committed to building a protocol that allows users to easily and securely swap assets and transfer liquidity across different blockchain networks.
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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/Arbitrum Ecosystem /BNB Smart Chain

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Overview of Symbiosis offerings
Cross-chain asset swaps: SIS holders can use their tokens to swap assets across different blockchain networks without having to leave the Symbiosis platform.
Cross-chain liquidity transfers: SIS holders can use their tokens to transfer liquidity across different blockchain networks to participate in DeFi activities or to provide liquidity to DEXes.
Discounts and benefits: SIS holders can receive discounts and benefits from partner merchants.
Governance rights: SIS holders have governance rights, which means they can vote on proposals to shape the future of the Symbiosis protocol.
Rewards for providing liquidity: SIS holders can earn rewards by providing liquidity to Symbiosis pools.
Support for the ecosystem: By holding SIS tokens, users are supporting the development and growth of the Symbiosis ecosystem.