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What does Swash do?
Swash (CRYPTO:SWASH) is a decentralized data ecosystem that redefines how data is collected and valued by providing a simple way to passively earn, innovate, and create for a fairer world and better, more equitable internet. Swash operates by incentivizing users to share their data through a variety of means, such as installing the Swash browser extension or app, and connecting their social media accounts. Swash then anonymizes and aggregates this data, and sells it to businesses that need it for market research, product development, and other purposes. Swash users are rewarded with SWASH tokens for sharing their data, which they can then use to purchase goods and services, or to participate in the Swash ecosystem. Swash is a decentralized data ecosystem that incentivizes users to share their data for rewards, and sells anonymized data to businesses. It is working on a data marketplace, developer platform, and DAO. Swash's objective is to create a more equitable and transparent data ecosystem. Swash believes that everyone should have the right to control their own data and to be compensated for sharing it. Swash aims to achieve this by giving users a simple way to share their data and by providing them with a fair share of the value that their data creates.
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