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What does SuRo Capital do?
SuRo Capital (NASDAQ:SSSS) is an investment firm focused on providing financing to late-stage private companies in various sectors, including technology, health care, and financial services, among others. As a venture capital-focused entity, SuRo Capital seeks to identify and invest in companies that have the potential for significant growth and market impact. Their operations revolve around deploying capital towards promising ventures that are on the cusp of scaling up or entering public markets, with the objective to generate substantial returns for their investors. Through a carefully curated portfolio, SuRo Capital aims to support the innovation ecosystem while striving for financial success and shareholder value appreciation.
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Minnesota, United States

What year was SuRo Capital founded?

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Year Founded
What does SuRo Capital specialise in?
/Investment Management /Portfolio Diversification /Venture Capital /Private Equity /Capital Growth /Startup Financing

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Overview of SuRo Capital offerings
Investment in Coursera - an online education platform offering courses from top universities and organizations.
Backing of Palantir Technologies - specializing in big data analytics for government and corporate clients.

Who is in the executive team of SuRo Capital ?

SuRo Capital leadership team
  • Mr. Mark David Klein
    Mr. Mark David Klein
    Chairman, President & CEO
  • Ms. Allison  Green CPA
    Ms. Allison Green CPA
    CFO, Treasurer & Corporate Secretary
  • Ms. Sandra  Linn
    Ms. Sandra Linn
    Investor Relation
  • Mr. Maulik  Sardhara
    Mr. Maulik Sardhara
  • Mr. Jackson  Stone
    Mr. Jackson Stone
    Investment Associate
  • Mr. Adam  Bates
    Mr. Adam Bates
  • Mr. William  Lee
    Mr. William Lee
  • Ms. Sindhu  Kotha
    Ms. Sindhu Kotha
    Vice President