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What does SuperRare do?
SuperRare (CRYPTO:RARE) is a curated NFT marketplace where artists can create and sell their digital artworks, and collectors can buy and own them. SuperRare uses the RARE token to facilitate transactions on its platform. RARE is an ERC-20 token that is used to pay for gas fees and to purchase artworks on SuperRare. SuperRare uses a curation process to ensure that only high-quality artworks are sold on its platform. Artists must submit their work to a panel of curators for review before they can sell it on SuperRare. Collectors can purchase artworks on SuperRare using ETH or RARE. SuperRare is currently working on a number of projects, including the development of a mobile app, a new curation process, and a new marketplace for limited-edition NFTs. SuperRare's overall objective is to provide a platform where artists can create and sell their digital artworks, and where collectors can buy and own these artworks. SuperRare also aims to promote the adoption of NFTs and to make cryptoart more accessible to everyone.
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Newark, Delaware

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/Collectibles & NFTs /Marketplace

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Overview of SuperRare offerings
Access to exclusive features: RARE holders may have access to exclusive features and benefits on the SuperRare platform in the future.
Earn rewards: RARE holders can earn rewards by staking their tokens, providing liquidity to the RARE/ETH Uniswap pool, and participating in other activities on the SuperRare platform.
Participate in governance: RARE holders can participate in the governance of the SuperRare DAO by voting on proposals and submitting their own proposals.
Pay for gas fees: RARE holders can use their tokens to pay for gas fees associated with transactions on the SuperRare marketplace.
Purchase and sell NFTs: RARE holders can use their tokens to purchase and sell NFTs on the SuperRare marketplace.
Support artists and the cryptoart community: By purchasing NFTs and participating in the SuperRare ecosystem, RARE holders can support artists and the cryptoart community.