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SUKU (CRYPTO:SUKU) is a utility token that powers the SUKU platform, a decentralized metaverse where users can create and interact with AI-powered virtual beings. SUKU is used to purchase in-game items, stake to earn rewards, and govern the SUKU platform. The SUKU team is currently working on expanding the capabilities of AI-powered virtual beings, adding new features and experiences to the SUKU platform, and partnering with other Web3 projects to build a more integrated and seamless ecosystem. Their overall objective is to create a metaverse where users can interact with AI-powered virtual beings in a meaningful and engaging way. They are committed to building a platform that is secure, scalable, and accessible to everyone.
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Florida, United States

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Create AI-powered virtual beings: SUKU is used to create and customize AI-powered virtual beings. These virtual beings can be used as companions, assistants, or even educational tools.
Develop new applications for AI-powered virtual beings: SUKU provides developers with the tools and resources they need to develop new applications for AI-powered virtual beings. This could include new games, educational tools, or even social media platforms.
Govern the SUKU platform: SUKU token holders have the right to vote on proposals that affect the future of the SUKU platform. This gives users a say in how the platform is developed and managed.
Interact with AI-powered virtual beings: SUKU allows users to interact with AI-powered virtual beings in a variety of ways. Users can talk to their virtual beings, play games with them, and even learn new things from them.
Purchase in-game items: SUKU can be used to purchase in-game items, such as new clothes for your virtual beings, furniture for their virtual homes, and access to new features and experiences.
Stake to earn rewards: SUKU token holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards. This is a way to passively earn more SUKU tokens without having to actively trade or use them.