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What does Strive 2000 ETF do?
Strive Small-Cap ETF (NASDAQ:STXK) is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks the 600 smallest companies in the Bloomberg US 1500 Index. It offers investors exposure to small-capitalization U.S. stocks through a passively managed and low-cost product. In addition to tracking performance, Strive also actively engages with the companies it invests in, aiming to improve their corporate governance and unlock long-term value for shareholders.
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Ohio, United States

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/Investment Fund /Exchange Traded /Diversity Focused /Global Exposure /Low Costs /Market Liquidity

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Overview of Strive 2000 ETF offerings
Tracks Small-Cap Stocks: STXK provides exposure to small American companies by following a specific index.
Passively Managed: The ETF follows the index and doesn't actively pick and choose stocks.
Cost-Effective: STXK aims to be a low-cost way to invest in small-cap stocks.
Exposure to US Market: STXK focuses on US-based small companies.
Potential for Growth: Small-cap stocks have the potential for high growth.
Corporate Governance Focus: While not a direct service, STXK strives to improve the companies it invests in through engagement, potentially benefiting shareholders in the long run.