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What does Streamr do?
Streamr (CRYPTO:DATA) is a decentralized real-time data network that enables users to publish and subscribe to data streams in a secure and trustless manner. DATA is the utility token of the Streamr network and is used to pay for data transmission and storage. DATA holders also have access to exclusive features and benefits, such as early access to new features and discounts on data fees. Streamr is used by a variety of businesses and individuals to share data in real time. For example, Streamr is used by traffic data providers to share traffic data with navigation apps, by financial data providers to share market data with trading platforms, and by sensor manufacturers to share sensor data with IoT applications.
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What is the market cap for Streamr?

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Where is the head office for Streamr?

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Head Office
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What year was Streamr founded?

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What does Streamr specialise in?
/AI & Big Data /Distributed Computing /Fabric Ventures Portfolio /Filesharing /IoT /Platform /Web3

What are the products and/or services of Streamr?

Overview of Streamr offerings
Data marketplace: Streamr provides a marketplace where users can buy and sell data streams.
Data processing: Streamr provides decentralized processing for data streams.
Data publishing: Streamr allows users to publish their data streams to the network in a secure and trustless manner.
Data storage: Streamr provides decentralized storage for data streams.
Data subscription: Streamr allows users to subscribe to data streams published by other users.
Developer tools: Streamr provides a suite of developer tools that make it easy to build applications on the Streamr network.

Who is in the executive team of Streamr?

Streamr leadership team
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    Giotto De Filippi
    Project Advisor
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    Henri Pihkala
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    Julian Zawistowski
    CEO and Co-founder at Golem
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    Kimmo Halunen
    Senior Scientist at VTT
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    Luka Müller-Studer
    Partner at MME Legal AG
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    Nikke Nylund
  • Grafa placeholder
    Risto Karjalainen

Streamr organisations

Streamr organisations
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Streamr Network AG
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TX Company

Streamr investors

Streamr investors
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Blocktree Capital
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Consensus Capital
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Fabric Ventures