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What does Streamline Health Solutions do?
Streamline Health Solutions (NASDAQ:STRM) specializes in offering revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare providers, aiming to enhance financial performance and patient care. Trading exclusively on the NASDAQ with the symbol STRM, the company focuses on developing advanced software solutions that streamline operational efficiencies, optimize revenue, and support regulatory compliance. Streamline Health Solutions is deeply committed to innovation, with projects ranging from clinical documentation improvement to coding and quality analysis tools. By continuously adapting to the dynamic needs of the healthcare industry, the company's primary objective is to empower healthcare organizations to achieve better financial outcomes and improve patient experiences through cutting-edge technology and services.
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What sector is Streamline Health Solutions in?

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Health Care

Where is the head office for Streamline Health Solutions?

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Atlanta, United States

What year was Streamline Health Solutions founded?

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Year Founded
What does Streamline Health Solutions specialise in?
/Healthcare Technology /Clinical Documentation /Financial Management /Patient Care /Data Analytics /eValuator Services

What are the products and/or services of Streamline Health Solutions?

Overview of Streamline Health Solutions offerings
eValuator, a cloud-based pre-bill coding analysis platform designed to improve revenue integrity and reduce coding-related denials.
Audit Integrity Services, providing expert auditing to ensure coding accuracy and compliance, enhancing revenue cycle management.
Financial Management Solutions, aimed at optimizing healthcare providers' financial performance through advanced analytics and reporting.
Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) services, focused on improving the completeness and accuracy of patient records to support better care and revenue capture.

Who is in the executive team of Streamline Health Solutions?

Streamline Health Solutions leadership team
  • Mr. Wyche T. Green III
    Mr. Wyche T. Green III
    Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Benjamin L. Stilwill
    Mr. Benjamin L. Stilwill
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Bryant  Reeves
    Mr. Bryant Reeves
    Chief of Staff, Interim CFO, Principal Financial Officer & Principal Accounting Officer
  • Jacob  Goldberger
    Jacob Goldberger
    Director of Investor Relations and FP&A
  • Ms. Wendy  Lovvorn
    Ms. Wendy Lovvorn
    Chief People Officer
  • Lance  Seach
    Lance Seach
    Senior Vice President of Business Development
  • Ms. Amy  Sebero
    Ms. Amy Sebero
    Chief Growth Officer
  • Mr. Donald E. Vick Jr.
    Mr. Donald E. Vick Jr.
    Director of Sales & Operations Analytics