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STP Network (CRYPTO:STPT) is a pioneering decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to transform internet infrastructure through Autonomous Worlds (AWs), independent virtual realms powered by blockchain technology. STP Network is developing tools for creating and managing AWs. Their current projects include Verse Network, a layer-2 network for AW infrastructure offering services like identity management and data storage. AW Builder simplifies AW creation with no-code development tools. AW Governance enables self-governance within AW communities. STP Network envisions an internet infrastructure based on decentralized and democratic AWs. They aim to provide accessible tools for AW creation and management while fostering blockchain innovation through projects like Verse Network and AW Governance.
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Autonomous worlds (AWs): STP Network is building a new type of internet infrastructure based on AWs. AWs are independent, self-governing virtual worlds that are powered by blockchain technology.
AW Builder: AW Builder is a tool that makes it easy to create and deploy AWs. It provides a variety of features, such as drag-and-drop templates and no-code development tools.
AW Governance: AW Governance is a set of tools that allows AW communities to govern themselves. It provides features such as voting, proposal submission, and dispute resolution.
Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO): STP Network is a DAO, which means that it is governed by its community of members. This makes it a more democratic and transparent organization.
STP community: STP Network has a strong and supportive community of members. The community is always willing to help new members learn about the platform and to troubleshoot any problems that they may encounter.
Verse Network: Verse Network is a layer-2 network that provides the infrastructure for AWs. It provides a variety of services, such as identity management, data storage, and payment processing.

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    Mike Chen
    Founder of Standard Tokenization Token
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    Vincent Zhou
    Founding Partner at FBG Capital

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Alphabit Fund
Block VC
Block VC
FBG Capital
FBG Capital
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NEO Global Capital