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What does SSR Mining do?
SSR Mining (ASX:SSR) is a gold mining company with operations in Canada, Turkey, the United States, Argentina, and Mexico. The company produces over 500,000 ounces of gold per year and has a strong track record of operational excellence. SSR Mining's operations are divided into four main segments: Marigold, Puna, Seabee, and Çöpler. The Marigold Mine is located in Nevada, USA and is SSR Mining's largest producing mine. The Puna Mine is located in Argentina and is the company's second largest producing mine. The Seabee Mine is located in Canada and is the company's third largest producing mine. The Çöpler Mine is located in Turkey and is SSR Mining's newest producing mine.
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Where is the head office for SSR Mining?

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Head Office
Vancouver, Canada

What year was SSR Mining founded?

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What does SSR Mining specialise in?
/Gold /Mining /Silver /Exploration /Resources /Processing /Explorer

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Overview of SSR Mining offerings
Gold mining: SSR Mining produces gold from its operations at the Seabee mine in Canada, the Puna mine in Argentina, and the Marigold mine in the United States.
Silver mining: SSR Mining produces silver from its operations at the Seabee mine in Canada and the Puna mine in Argentina.
Exploration: SSR Mining explores for gold and silver deposits in Canada, the United States, Argentina, and other countries.
Development: SSR Mining develops gold and silver deposits into producing mines.
Production: SSR Mining produces gold and silver from its operating mines.
Processing: SSR Mining processes gold and silver ore from its operating mines to produce gold and silver doré.

Who is in the executive team of SSR Mining?

SSR Mining leadership team
  • Mr. Rodney P. Antal Accountancy, B.Bus, C.P.A.
    Mr. Rodney P. Antal Accountancy, B.Bus, C.P.A.
    President, CEO & Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Michael J. Sparks B.Sc., J.D.
    Mr. Michael J. Sparks B.Sc., J.D.
    Executive VP, CFO & Secretary
  • Mr. F. Edward Farid B.Com, Finance
    Mr. F. Edward Farid B.Com, Finance
    Executive VP & Chief Strategy Officer
  • Mr. William  MacNevin
    Mr. William MacNevin
    Executive Vice President of Operations & Sustainability
  • Mr. Russell  Farnsworth
    Mr. Russell Farnsworth
    VP of Accounting & Controller
  • Alex  Hunchak
    Alex Hunchak
    Vice President of Investor Relations
  • Ms. Joanne  Thomopoulos
    Ms. Joanne Thomopoulos
    Executive Vice President of Human Resources
  • Dr. Cengiz Y. Demirci
    Dr. Cengiz Y. Demirci
    Vice President of Exploration