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SPDR® S&P Transportation ETF (NYSEARCA:XTN) is an exchange-traded fund that seeks to provide investment results corresponding to the performance of the S&P Transportation Select Industry Index. The ETF focuses on the U.S. transportation sector, encompassing a range of companies involved in the movement of goods and people. Its portfolio includes airlines, railroads, trucking companies, and logistics services, aiming to capture the breadth and depth of the transportation industry's opportunities. Operating with the objective of mirroring the performance of the transportation sector, SPDR® S&P Transportation ETF offers investors targeted exposure to a critical component of the economy, emphasizing diversification and the potential for growth within the transportation industry.
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Boston, United States

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/Transportation Equity /Investment Fund /Portfolio Diversification /Risk Management /Professional Management /Retirement Planning

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Overview of SPDR® S&P Transportation ETF offerings
Tracks S&P Transportation Select Industry Index: XTN tracks the S&P Transportation Select Industry Index. This index measures the overall performance of U.S. companies involved in the transportation sector, including airlines, railroads, trucking firms, shipping companies, and logistics providers.
Exposure to Transportation Sector: By investing in XTN, you gain exposure to the transportation industry as a whole. This can be beneficial if you believe that the transportation sector is poised for growth.
Passive Management: XTN passively follows the composition of the underlying index. The fund holds the same companies as the S&P Transportation Select Industry Index, in similar proportions. There's no active selection of stocks by fund managers.
Diversification: XTN offers diversification across various companies within the transportation sector. This helps spread risk and potentially improve portfolio stability compared to investing in individual transportation companies.
Potential for Capital Appreciation: XTN offers the potential for capital appreciation through the growth of the underlying transportation companies. The value of the ETF will fluctuate based on the performance of these companies.
Dependence on Overall Economy: The transportation sector is often tied to the health of the overall economy. During economic downturns, transportation companies may see decreased demand for their services, which can negatively impact the value of XTN.