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What does Solowin Ordinary Share do?
Solowin Holdings (NASDAQ:SWIN) is a financial services firm listed on the NASDAQ exchange. Their primary focus is serving clients in Greater China, offering a comprehensive suite of financial products. Solowin acts as a securities broker, handling commissions and transactions for clients buying and selling securities. Additionally, they provide investment advisory services, guiding clients on investment decisions. Asset management services are another key offering, where Solowin manages client portfolios for a fee. Their recent strategic expansion into private wealth management caters to high net worth individuals.
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Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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What does Solowin Ordinary Share specialise in?
/Investment Services /Asset Management /Financial Advisory /Real Estate Projects /Securities Trading /Funds Management

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Overview of Solowin Ordinary Share offerings
Securities Brokerage: Solowin acts as an intermediary, facilitating the buying and selling of securities like stocks, bonds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for their clients. They earn commissions on these transactions.
Investment Advisory Services: Solowin offers investment advice tailored to individual client needs and risk tolerance. This might involve portfolio recommendations and guidance on investment strategies.
Asset Management: Solowin manages investment portfolios on behalf of clients for a fee. This service takes into account the client's financial goals and risk profile.
Hong Kong IPO Services: Solowin assists clients with initial public offerings (IPOs) in Hong Kong, including underwriting, subscription services, and margin financing.
Pre-IPO Securities Trading: They offer access to pre-IPO (initial public offering) securities trading, allowing clients to potentially invest in companies before they go public.
Wealth Management: Solowin caters to high net worth individuals through their private wealth management services. This might involve comprehensive financial planning, tax advice, and estate planning, alongside traditional investment management.

Who is in the executive team of Solowin Ordinary Share?

Solowin Ordinary Share leadership team
  • Mr. Shing Tak  Tam C.F.A.
    Mr. Shing Tak Tam C.F.A.
    CEO & Director
  • Ms. Lili  Liu
    Ms. Lili Liu
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Tze Bun  Cheng
    Mr. Tze Bun Cheng
    Chief Operation Officer