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What does Sobr Safe do?
Sobr Safe (NASDAQ:SOBR) specializes in developing pioneering sobriety detection and identification technologies aimed at enhancing workplace safety and public security. Their ventures focus on creating non-invasive solutions that leverage advanced biosensing technology to detect alcohol consumption levels. Sobr Safe's primary objective is to integrate its innovative sobriety assessment tools across various sectors, including transportation, construction, and heavy machinery operations, thereby reducing accidents and ensuring a safer environment for both employees and the general public. The company's commitment to safety and innovation underpins its mission to revolutionize how industries and communities address alcohol-related safety concerns.
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Information Technology

Where is the head office for Sobr Safe?

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Colorado, United States

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What does Sobr Safe specialise in?
/Alcohol Detection /Driver Safety /Biochemical Sensors /Contact-Free /Proprietary Technology /Innovation Projects

What are the products and/or services of Sobr Safe?

Overview of Sobr Safe offerings
A non-invasive alcohol detection device that utilizes patented technology for real-time monitoring.
A cloud-based software platform for data analysis and reporting of alcohol levels.
Mobile applications for personal use and workplace compliance, facilitating easy monitoring and data access.
An integration service for third-party systems, ensuring seamless data sharing and analysis across platforms.
Wearable technology that continuously monitors alcohol levels, offering both personal and professional applications.
A training and certification program for users and administrators, ensuring effective and compliant use of their technology.

Who is in the executive team of Sobr Safe?

Sobr Safe leadership team
  • Mr. Scott  Bennett
    Mr. Scott Bennett
    Executive Vice President of Business Operations
  • Mr. David J. Gandini
    Mr. David J. Gandini
    Chairman, Secretary & CEO
  • Mr. Christopher  Whitaker
    Mr. Christopher Whitaker
    CFO & Treasurer