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What does Smart Powerr do?
Smart Powerr (NASDAQ:CREG) specializes in the development of innovative energy solutions aimed at enhancing efficiency and sustainability in power consumption across various sectors. With a keen focus on leveraging renewable energy sources, Smart Powerr's projects range from solar power installations to smart grid technology development, aiming to reduce carbon footprints and promote environmental sustainability. The company's objectives are centered around creating scalable, forward-thinking power solutions that can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures, thereby fostering a transition towards greener energy alternatives. Through continuous research and development, Smart Powerr seeks to pave the way for a more sustainable future, while ensuring reliability and affordability in energy access.
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Xian, China

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What does Smart Powerr specialise in?
/Renewable Energy /Power Solutions /Energy Efficiency /Sustainability Projects /Clean Technology /Consulting Services

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Overview of Smart Powerr offerings
Renewable energy solutions harnessing solar, wind, and hydro power technologies for sustainable energy production.
Energy storage systems designed to optimize and store renewable energy for later use.
Smart grid technologies to enhance electrical grid efficiency and reliability through advanced data analytics.
Electric vehicle charging infrastructure development to support the growing EV market.
Energy management services offering comprehensive solutions for reducing energy consumption and costs in businesses and homes.
Research and development in emerging renewable energy technologies to future-proof energy solutions and maintain industry leadership.

Who is in the executive team of Smart Powerr ?

Smart Powerr leadership team
  • Mr. Guohua  Ku
    Mr. Guohua Ku
    Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Yongjiang  Shi
    Mr. Yongjiang Shi
    VP & CFO
  • Ms. Binfeng  Gu
    Ms. Binfeng Gu
  • Mr. Bohan  Zhang
    Mr. Bohan Zhang
    Vice President of Accounting
  • Mr. Yan  Zhan
    Mr. Yan Zhan
    Executive Director