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What does SKYX Platforms do?
SKYX Platforms (NASDAQ:SKYX) specializes in pioneering advanced smart living platforms, integrating sophisticated technology into everyday living and working environments. This innovative company focuses on enhancing safety, comfort, and efficiency for both residential and commercial spaces through its cutting-edge solutions. SKYX Platforms takes pride in its commitment to revolutionizing the way we interact with our surroundings, aiming to set new standards in smart living. With ongoing projects that push the boundaries of technology and design, SKYX platforms is dedicated to achieving its objectives of creating smarter, safer, and more sustainable environments for everyone.
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What sector is SKYX Platforms in?

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Where is the head office for SKYX Platforms ?

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Head Office
Pompano Beach, United States

What year was SKYX Platforms founded?

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Year Founded
What does SKYX Platforms specialise in?
/Autonomous Drones /Oil Industry /Infrastructure Inspection /Data Analytics /Remote Monitoring /Industrial Applications

What are the products and/or services of SKYX Platforms ?

Overview of SKYX Platforms offerings
Power-Plug Technology: This patented tech allows for "plug and play" installation of light fixtures and ceiling fans into existing ceiling electrical outlets [ Motley Fool SKYX Platforms description].
Sky Plug & Receptacle: These are likely SKYX's branded versions of plugs and receptacles that work with their Power-Plug technology.
SkyHome Application: This smartphone app (compatible with iPhone and Android) enables control of various features for SKYX products [ Motley Fool SKYX Platforms description].
Sky Smart Plug & Receptacle: These are most likely smart plugs and receptacles that integrate with the SkyHome app for broader control.
Sky Smart Plug and Play Ceiling Fans: These are ceiling fans with built-in smart features likely controllable via the SkyHome app.
Sky Smart Plug and Play Lighting: Similar to the ceiling fans, this is likely smart lighting controllable through the SkyHome app.

Who is in the executive team of SKYX Platforms ?

SKYX Platforms leadership team
  • Mr. Ran Roland Kohen
    Mr. Ran Roland Kohen
    Founder & Executive Chairman
  • Mr. John P. Campi
    Mr. John P. Campi
    Co-Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Leonard Jay Sokolow CPA, Econ., LL.M.
    Mr. Leonard Jay Sokolow CPA, Econ., LL.M.
    Co-CEO & Director
  • Mr. Steven M. Schmidt
    Mr. Steven M. Schmidt
  • Mr. Marc-Andre  Boisseau
    Mr. Marc-Andre Boisseau
    CFO, Principal Financial Officer & Principal Accounting Officer
  • Ms. Patricia Ann Barron
    Ms. Patricia Ann Barron
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Mr. Eliran  Ben-Zikri
    Mr. Eliran Ben-Zikri
    CTO & GM of Sky's Israeli Office
  • Mr. Rob  Powell
    Mr. Rob Powell
    Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel