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What does Sixth Street Specialty Lending do?
Sixth Street Specialty Lending (NYSE:TSLX) is a finance company dedicated to providing flexible, long-term capital solutions to various companies across industries. With a focus on direct lending and credit investments, they target opportunities where they can support growth and value creation. Their projects range from leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations to growth financings. The objective of Sixth Street Specialty Lending is to generate stable, income-producing returns for its investors while minimizing risks. This approach helps drive financial growth and ensures a strong position in the market for themselves and their partners.
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What sector is Sixth Street Specialty Lending in?

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Where is the head office for Sixth Street Specialty Lending?

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Head Office
New York, United States

What year was Sixth Street Specialty Lending founded?

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What does Sixth Street Specialty Lending specialise in?
/Lending Services /Specialty Finance /Capital Solutions /Financial Support /Investment Management /Growth Capital

What are the products and/or services of Sixth Street Specialty Lending?

Overview of Sixth Street Specialty Lending offerings
Middle Market Lending: Provides flexible financing solutions to middle-market companies across various industries, offering both secured and unsecured loans.
Equity Co-Investments: Invests in equity alongside private equity sponsors in their portfolio companies, aiming to enhance returns.
Syndicated Loan Investments: Participates in syndicated loans, enabling diversification and access to larger transactions.
Capital Solutions: Offers tailor-made capital solutions, including growth capital and refinancing to businesses.
Secondary Market Investments: Engages in the purchase and sale of loans and securities in the secondary market, enhancing portfolio yields.
Advisory Services: Provides advisory services, leveraging its expertise in finance and investments to assist clients with strategic decision-making.

Who is in the executive team of Sixth Street Specialty Lending?

Sixth Street Specialty Lending leadership team
  • Mr. Joshua William Easterly
    Mr. Joshua William Easterly
    CEO & Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. Robert  Stanley
    Mr. Robert Stanley
  • Mr. Ian Timothy Simmonds
    Mr. Ian Timothy Simmonds
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Michael  Graf CPA
    Mr. Michael Graf CPA
    Deputy CFO & Principal Accounting Officer
  • Ms. Cami  VanHorn
    Ms. Cami VanHorn
    Head of Investor Relations
  • Mr. Anton  Brett
    Mr. Anton Brett
    Chief Compliance Officer & Secretary
  • Mr. David  Stiepleman
    Mr. David Stiepleman
    VP & Non-Independent Director
  • Mr. Michael E. Fishman
    Mr. Michael E. Fishman
    VP & Non-Independent Director