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What does SilverSun Technologies do?
SilverSun Technologies (NASDAQ:SSNT) is a company focused on delivering comprehensive business solutions. Specializing in software and IT services, SilverSun primarily caters to a wide array of industries, offering products and services that improve clients' operational efficiencies and overall productivity. From business consulting and system implementation to software development and IT managed services, SilverSun aims to be a one-stop solution for businesses seeking to leverage technology for growth. The company is driven by objectives centered around innovation, customer satisfaction, and expanding its market reach through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. By continuously evolving its offerings and expertise, SilverSun seeks to maintain its relevance and competitive edge in the ever-changing technology landscape.
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What sector is SilverSun Technologies in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for SilverSun Technologies?

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East Hanover, United States

What year was SilverSun Technologies founded?

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Year Founded
What does SilverSun Technologies specialise in?
/Enterprise Software /Business Consulting /Cloud Solutions /ERP Solutions /Financial Software /IT Infrastructure

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Overview of SilverSun Technologies offerings
SWK Technologies provides transformative business software solutions, including ERP and CRM solutions tailored to specific industry needs.
Managed Cloud Services offers comprehensive cloud hosting and data protection for secure, seamless access to business applications.
Cybersecurity Solutions deliver robust protection against cyber threats, ensuring business continuity and safeguarding sensitive data.
Business Application Consulting provides expert guidance on selecting and implementing the optimal software solutions to drive business growth.
Technology Advisory Services helps businesses navigate digital transformation with strategic planning and technology investments tailored to achieve long-term objectives.

Who is in the executive team of SilverSun Technologies?

SilverSun Technologies leadership team
  • Mr. Mark  Meller
    Mr. Mark Meller
    Chairman, President, CEO & Corporate Secretary
  • Mr. Joseph P. Macaluso
    Mr. Joseph P. Macaluso
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Gary  Berman
    Mr. Gary Berman
    Executive Vice President of SWK Technologies, Inc