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What does Silicom do?
Silicom (TASE:SILC), (NASDAQ:SILC) specializes in designing and manufacturing networking and data infrastructure solutions for a wide range of markets, including data centers, cloud computing, networking, and telecommunications. The company's portfolio encompasses high-performance server networking cards, bypass switches, and edge networking products. With a strong focus on innovation, Silicom aims to enhance network performance and reliability, helping its clients navigate the ever-evolving demands of the technology landscape. Committed to accelerating network efficiencies and advancing digital transformation initiatives, Silicom continuously seeks to expand its product offerings and penetrate new industry verticals, aiming to meet the future needs of dynamic networking environments.
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What sector is Silicom in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for Silicom?

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Head Office
Kefar Sava, Israel

What year was Silicom founded?

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Year Founded
What does Silicom specialise in?
/Networking Solutions /Data Infrastructure /Edge Networking /Cyber Security /High-speed Networking /Digital Appliances

What are the products and/or services of Silicom?

Overview of Silicom offerings
Edge networking products, offering advanced networking solutions designed for the implementation and management of edge computing environments.
FPGA-based acceleration cards, enhancing performance for data processing and network packet processing tasks.
Encryption and compression cards, aimed at improving data security and bandwidth efficiency for networked applications.
Multi-port network interface cards (NICs), expanding connectivity options and network throughput for servers and workstations.
Bypass and failover systems, ensuring network reliability and uptime by automatically rerouting traffic in the event of a system failure.
Cloud services acceleration, providing specialized hardware to boost the performance and efficiency of cloud computing environments.

Who is in the executive team of Silicom?

Silicom leadership team
  • Mr. Avi  Eizenman
    Mr. Avi Eizenman
    Co-Founder & Chairman
  • Mr. Liron  Eizenman
    Mr. Liron Eizenman
    President & CEO
  • Mr. Eran  Gilad
    Mr. Eran Gilad
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • David  Castiel
    David Castiel
    Vice President of Engineering
  • Mr. Yeshayahu  Orbach
    Mr. Yeshayahu Orbach
    Executive Vice Chairman