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What does Siacoin do?
Siacoin (CRYPTO:SC) is a decentralized cloud storage marketplace where users rent storage and bandwidth from peers. It's built on a secure, peer-to-peer network with blockchain technology for transparent contracts. Siacoin aims to expand its ecosystem with applications and partners, offering decentralized exchanges, gaming platforms, and file-sharing apps. They're working to improve the protocol, making it faster, more secure, and scalable, including cross-chain support. Siacoin also focuses on user education through blog posts, tutorials, and videos, highlighting its advantages and usability. Siacoin's objectives include becoming the top decentralized cloud storage marketplace, simplifying storage and bandwidth renting, and enabling developers to create Siacoin-based applications.
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Boston, Massachusetts

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/Blake2b /Distributed Computing /DragonFly Capital Portfolio /Fenbushi Capital Portfolio /Filesharing /Mineable /Near Protocol Ecosystem /Paradigm Portfolio /Platform /PoW /Storage /Web3

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Overview of Siacoin offerings
DApp development: Siacoin can be used to develop and deploy decentralized applications (DApps) that run on a blockchain and are not controlled by any single entity.
Data backup: Siacoin can be used to back up data in a secure and reliable way.
Decentralized cloud storage: Siacoin allows users to rent and use storage space and excess bandwidth from other users in a decentralized way.
File sharing: Siacoin can be used to share files with others in a secure and private way.
Payment gateway: Siacoin can be used as a payment gateway to accept payments for goods and services.
Web hosting: Siacoin can be used to host websites and other web applications.