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What does SHF do?
SHF Holdings (NASDAQ:SHFS) operates in the cannabis industry, but instead of cultivation or retail, they provide financial services. Through their platform, SHFS offers banking solutions specifically designed for cannabis-related businesses. This includes business checking and savings accounts, cash management, commercial lending, and remote deposit services. Essentially, SHFS acts as a bridge between traditional financial institutions and the cannabis industry, filling a gap created by federal regulations.
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Where is the head office for SHF?

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Golden, United States

What year was SHF founded?

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What does SHF specialise in?
/Financial Services /Investment Management /Real Estate /Capital Markets /Private Equity /Corporate Finance

What are the products and/or services of SHF?

Overview of SHF offerings
Cannabis-Focused Banking Solutions: SHF provides business checking and savings accounts specifically tailored for cannabis businesses, which often struggle to find traditional banking services due to federal regulations.
Cash Management Services: SHF helps cannabis businesses manage their cash flow by offering secure cash storage, deposit processing, and other cash handling solutions.
Commercial Lending: SHF offers loan products designed to meet the specific needs of cannabis businesses, such as funding for inventory, equipment purchases, or expansion.
Compliance and Monitoring: They assist cannabis businesses in navigating the complex web of regulations and compliance requirements within the industry.
Validation Services: SHF offers verification services to ensure the legitimacy and licensing of cannabis businesses and their partners.
Remote Deposit Services: Since cannabis is a cash-intensive business, SHF provides secure methods for electronically depositing cash receipts.

Who is in the executive team of SHF?

SHF leadership team
  • Ms. Sundie L. Seefried
    Ms. Sundie L. Seefried
    Founder & CEO
  • Mr. James H. Dennedy M.B.A.
    Mr. James H. Dennedy M.B.A.
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Tyler  Beuerlein
    Mr. Tyler Beuerlein
    Chief Strategic Business Development Officer
  • Mr. Dan  Roda
    Mr. Dan Roda
    COO & Executive VP
  • Mr. Paul Richard Penney
    Mr. Paul Richard Penney
    Chief Investment Officer
  • Mr. Donald T. Emmi
    Mr. Donald T. Emmi
    Board Secretary & Chief Legal Officer