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Shentu Chain (CRYPTO:CTK), based on Cosmos SDK and utilizing the SHENTU token, offers blockchain security infrastructure, empowering developers to create secure blockchain applications. Operated by the non-profit Shentu Foundation in Singapore, with over 50 employees and backing from investors like Binance Labs, Sequoia Capital, and Multicoin Capital. Ongoing projects include the Shentu Certified Virtual Machine (CVM) for secure smart contract execution, the Shentu Decentralized Security Oracle (DSO) for reliable security data, and Shentu Shield, a decentralized insurance protocol safeguarding against financial losses from security breaches. Shentu aims to enhance blockchain security and accessibility for all, recognizing its significance for blockchain technology adoption. The company has fostered a strong developer community, dedicated to making blockchain security more affordable and accessible.
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/Arrington XRP Capital Portfolio /Binance Labs Portfolio /Binance Launchpool /Cosmos Ecosystem /Cybersecurity /Enterprise Solutions /Injective Ecosystem /Interoperability /Kenetic Capital Portfolio /Scaling /Smart Contracts

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Shentu Certified Virtual Machine (CVM): The Shentu CVM is a secure virtual machine that can be used to execute smart contracts. The Shentu CVM is designed to prevent common security vulnerabilities, such as reentrancy and integer overflows.
Shentu Decentralized Security Oracle (DSO): The Shentu DSO is a decentralized oracle that provides security data to smart contracts. The Shentu DSO is designed to be more reliable and secure than traditional oracles.
Shentu Grants: Shentu Grants is a program that provides funding to developers who are building secure blockchain applications. The Shentu Grants program is designed to support the development of the Shentu ecosystem and to make blockchain more secure for everyone.
Shentu Secure Staking: Shentu Secure Staking is a staking program that allows users to earn rewards for staking their SHENTU tokens. The Shentu Secure Staking program is designed to help secure the Shentu Chain network and to provide a passive income for users.
Shentu Security Audits: Shentu Security Audits is a service that provides security audits for blockchain projects. The Shentu Security Audits service is designed to help projects identify and fix security vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
Shentu Shield: Shentu Shield is a decentralized insurance protocol that protects users from financial losses caused by security breaches. Shentu Shield is designed to be more affordable and accessible than traditional insurance.