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What does SEP Acquisition do?
SEP Acquisition (NASDAQ:SEPA) focuses on strategic initiatives that drive growth and value creation across various industries. With a keen eye on merger, acquisition, and business development opportunities, SEP Acquisition aims to partner with high-potential companies to foster innovation and market expansion. The company leverages its expertise in navigating complex deal structures and market dynamics to identify and execute transformative projects. SEP Acquisition's objective is to build a diversified portfolio of investments that not only generate substantial returns but also contribute to the broader economic landscape by enhancing competitive dynamics and encouraging industry advancements.
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Where is the head office for SEP Acquisition ?

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Houston, United States

What year was SEP Acquisition founded?

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What does SEP Acquisition specialise in?
/Special Purpose /Acquisition Company /Mergers /Public Equities /Capital Raising /Business Deals

What are the products and/or services of SEP Acquisition ?

Overview of SEP Acquisition offerings
Raise Capital: SPACs raise money through an IPO, selling shares to investors.
Search for Target: After going public, the SPAC searches for a private company to acquire.
Acquisition & Merger: Once a target is identified, the SPAC merges with the private company, taking it public.

Who is in the executive team of SEP Acquisition ?

SEP Acquisition leadership team
  • Mr. R. Andrew White
    Mr. R. Andrew White
    Venture Advisor, CEO, President & Director
  • Mr. Winston  Gilpin CPA
    Mr. Winston Gilpin CPA
    CFO & Secretary
  • Ms. Christy  Cardenas
    Ms. Christy Cardenas
    VP & Chief Strategy Officer