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Selina Hospitality PLC Ordinary Shares (NASDAQ:SLNA) is a distinctive player in the global hospitality and lifestyle sector, focusing on creating unique experiences for travelers and digital nomads. The company operates a diverse portfolio of properties, ranging from urban locations to remote retreats, catering to an adventurous and digitally-connected clientele seeking both shared and private accommodations. Selina's projects emphasize sustainable and community-driven development, aiming to blend seamlessly with local cultures and environments. The objective of Selina is to expand its global footprint by continuously innovating its service offerings and leveraging technology to enhance guest experiences, aiming to redefine modern hospitality and build a worldwide community of travelers. Being listed on NASDAQ:SLNA, the company showcases its commitment to growth and accessibility to investors interested in the evolving landscape of travel and hospitality.
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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Selina Hospitality Ordinary Shares?

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London, United Kingdom

What year was Selina Hospitality Ordinary Shares founded?

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What does Selina Hospitality Ordinary Shares specialise in?
/Hospitality Services /Accommodation Provision /Event Hosting /Food Services /Tourist Activities /Travel Packages

What are the products and/or services of Selina Hospitality Ordinary Shares?

Overview of Selina Hospitality Ordinary Shares offerings
Co-working spaces offering modern, comfortable settings for digital nomads and remote workers.
Bespoke hotel experiences combining luxury accommodations with local culture.
Adventure and wellness activities curated to enhance guest stays.
Sustainable tourism initiatives promoting environmental conservation and community engagement.
Innovative hospitality education programs to train the next generation of industry professionals.
Digital platform for seamless booking, community building, and personalized travel itineraries.

Who is in the executive team of Selina Hospitality Ordinary Shares?

Selina Hospitality Ordinary Shares leadership team
  • Mr. Rafael  Museri
    Mr. Rafael Museri
    Co-Founder, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Daniel  Rudasevski
    Mr. Daniel Rudasevski
    Co-Founder, Chief Growth Officer & Director
  • Ms. Barbara  Zubiria
    Ms. Barbara Zubiria
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Gadi  Hassin
    Mr. Gadi Hassin
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Jonathon  Grech
    Mr. Jonathon Grech
    Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
  • Mr. Emilo  Gracia
    Mr. Emilo Gracia
    Chief People Officer
  • Mr. Steven  O'Hayon
    Mr. Steven O'Hayon
    Executive VP & Global Head of Strategy
  • Mr. Rafael Del Castillo
    Mr. Rafael Del Castillo
    Chief Revenue Officer