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What does SEALSQ do?
Sealsq Corp (NASDAQ:LAES) develops and sells semiconductor, PKI, and post-quantum technology products. Their focus is on secure hardware and software solutions. Their technology is used in various applications, including medical devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). They recently announced progress on their post-quantum engineering roadmap and are leveraging a new hardware platform to create custom application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). With a current share price of $1.24, Sealsq is positioned as a player in the cybersecurity and chip development industries.
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Information Technology

Where is the head office for SEALSQ ?

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Zug, Switzerland

What year was SEALSQ founded?

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What does SEALSQ specialise in?
/Software Development /Artificial Intelligence /Cloud Services /Data Analysis /Cyber Security /Project Management

What are the products and/or services of SEALSQ ?

Overview of SEALSQ offerings
Tamper-resistant semiconductors: These are chips designed to be highly resistant to physical or electronic attacks.
Post-quantum cryptography (PQC) products: This includes hardware and software solutions designed to be secure against attacks from quantum computers.
RISC-V AI processors: Sealsq develops high-performance processors based on the RISC-V architecture, ideal for artificial intelligence applications.
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): This refers to a system for managing digital certificates and encryption keys.
Secure hardware and firmware: Sealsq offers secure hardware components and firmware solutions for various applications.
Provisioning services: This likely refers to services for securely loading software and security credentials onto devices.

Who is in the executive team of SEALSQ ?

SEALSQ leadership team
  • Mr. Carlos Creus Moreira
    Mr. Carlos Creus Moreira
    Chairman of the Board of Directors & CEO
  • Mr. John  O'Hara
    Mr. John O'Hara
    CFO & Executive Director
  • Mr. David  Khalifa
    Mr. David Khalifa
    Vice-President of Global Sales
  • Mr. Peter  Ward
    Mr. Peter Ward
    Executive Director