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SaverOne 2014 ADR (NASDAQ:SVRE) specializes in developing advanced technologies focused on ensuring road safety by preventing distracted driving. The company's innovative solutions are designed to limit the use of mobile phones while driving, without affecting communication capabilities essential for modern life. SaverOne 2014 projects aim to significantly reduce road accidents and enhance driver safety through their cutting-edge systems. The primary objective is to integrate these safety solutions across various vehicle fleets, tapping into both commercial and private sectors to make roads safer for everyone.
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Information Technology

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Petah Tikva, Israel

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/Depositary Shares /Financial Services /Investment Tools /Equity Ownership /Stock Exchange /Capital Raising

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Overview of SaverOne 2014. offerings
Distracted Driving Prevention System: A technology focused on minimizing distractions caused by mobile devices for drivers to enhance road safety.
Fleet Management Solutions: Services designed to monitor and improve the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicle operations.
Driver Behavior Analysis: Advanced analytics to evaluate driver habits and promote safer driving practices.
Smart Mobility Apps: Applications aimed at improving the overall safety and convenience of road travel for individuals.
Vehicle Telematics Systems: Integrated systems providing real-time information on vehicle health, location, and usage to optimize fleet performance.
Insurance Telematics: Solutions that enable insurers to offer personalized policies based on actual driving behavior, promoting safer driving and potentially lowering premiums.

Who is in the executive team of SaverOne 2014. ?

SaverOne 2014. leadership team
  • Mr. Ori  Gilboa
    Mr. Ori Gilboa
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Yossi  Cohen
    Mr. Yossi Cohen
    Founder & COO
  • Mr. Omri  Hagai
    Mr. Omri Hagai
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Hila  Vyzer
    Ms. Hila Vyzer
    Head of Israel Market Sales
  • Mr. Alon  Refaeli
    Mr. Alon Refaeli
    Head of Business Development of Global OEM Market
  • Mr. Yoav  Zilber
    Mr. Yoav Zilber
    Head of Business Development of US & Europe After-Market