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What does Save Foods Inc do?
Save Foods (NASDAQ:SVFD) is an innovative company focused on developing and bringing to market eco-friendly products aimed at extending the shelf life of fresh produce. This not only helps in reducing food waste but also ensures that fruits and vegetables retain their freshness for longer periods. Their cutting-edge solutions are designed to be both safe and efficient, catering to the needs of suppliers, retailers, and consumers alike. The core mission of Save Foods is to tackle the global challenge of food waste by introducing sustainable and effective methods that can significantly cut down on the millions of tons of produce lost each year, thereby making a positive impact on the environment. Through their persistent research and development, Save Foods aims to continually expand its product lineup, providing innovative solutions that contribute to a healthier planet.
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Tel Aviv, Israel

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What does Save Foods Inc specialise in?
/Food Safety /Extended Shelf-life /Produce Sanitizers /Waste Reduction /Eco-Friendly /Pathogen Control

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Overview of Save Foods Inc offerings
An eco-friendly product that reduces the need for pesticides by extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
A treatment that significantly reduces food waste and increases produce shelf life without altering its taste or appearance.
Biodegradable solutions for agri-food industries aiming to minimize environmental impact while enhancing food safety standards.
Innovative coatings for fresh produce that act as natural preservatives, improving sustainability and reducing spoilage.
Technologies focused on reducing the carbon footprint of the food supply chain, promoting greener agricultural practices.
Customizable solutions for food producers and retailers to address specific challenges in maintaining produce freshness and quality.

Who is in the executive team of Save Foods Inc?

Save Foods Inc leadership team
  • Mr. David  Palach
    Mr. David Palach
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms. Lital  Barda
    Ms. Lital Barda
    CFO, Financial Controller, Treasurer & Secretary
  • Ms. Galit  Kenigsberg
    Ms. Galit Kenigsberg
    Head of Sustainability Operations of scientific advisory board
  • Mr. Dan  Sztybel
    Mr. Dan Sztybel
    Chief Executive Officer of Save Foods Ltd.