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What does Save Foods Inc do?
Save Foods (NASDAQ:NITO) is an innovative player in the food preservation and waste reduction industry. The company is dedicated to developing and marketing eco-friendly solutions that extend the shelf life of fresh produce, aiming to reduce food waste and ensure food safety. With a focus on utilizing natural and sustainable ingredients, Save Foods works closely with farmers, packers, and retailers to significantly minimize the global problem of food waste, enhancing the value chain from farm to consumers. Their projects vary from post-harvest treatments that keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer, to cutting-edge research aiming to continuously improve and expand their product offerings. The main objective of Save Foods is to create a more sustainable food ecosystem, promoting healthier eating and reducing the environmental impact of food spoilage and waste.
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Where is the head office for Save Foods Inc?

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Tel Aviv, Israel

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What does Save Foods Inc specialise in?
/Food Safety /Shelf-life Extension /Eco-friendly Solutions /Produce Protection /Pathogen Control /Waste Reduction

What are the products and/or services of Save Foods Inc?

Overview of Save Foods Inc offerings
An eco-friendly treatment for extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
A solution focusing on reducing food waste through natural and safe means.
A product that enhances food safety and reduces the reliance on chemicals.
An innovative coating that promises to keep produce fresh for longer periods.
A technology aimed at improving the supply chain efficiency for perishable goods.
Services aimed at providing sustainable agriculture practices to farmers and distributors.

Who is in the executive team of Save Foods Inc?

Save Foods Inc leadership team
  • Mr. David  Palach
    Mr. David Palach
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms. Lital  Barda
    Ms. Lital Barda
    CFO, Financial Controller, Treasurer & Secretary
  • Ms. Galit  Kenigsberg
    Ms. Galit Kenigsberg
    Head of Sustainability Operations of scientific advisory board
  • Mr. Dan  Sztybel
    Mr. Dan Sztybel
    Chief Executive Officer of Save Foods Ltd.