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Sarcos Technology and Robotics (NASDAQ:STRC) specializes in the creation and deployment of advanced robotics and exoskeleton systems designed to enhance human performance and safety across various sectors including manufacturing, construction, and defense. With a focus on innovation, Sarcos is devoted to engineering robots that can work alongside humans to complete tasks that are dangerous, difficult, or dull. The company's projects range from wearable exoskeletons that augment human strength and endurance, to remotely operated robots capable of performing precision tasks in hazardous environments. Sarcos aims to revolutionize the way work is performed through robotics, striving for a safer and more efficient future.
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Information Technology

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Salt Lake City, United States

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Overview of Sarcos Technology and Robotics offerings
Guardian XO full-body, battery-powered exoskeleton designed for industrial applications to enhance human performance.
Guardian XT highly dexterous mobile robotic system for performing complex tasks in unstructured environments.
Guardian S remote-controlled inspection robot offering non-destructive testing in hazardous and inaccessible areas.
Cobra industrial mobile snake-arm robot, articulated for precision tasks in confined spaces.
Guardian GT big-armed robot for heavy lifting, capable of moving several hundred pounds with ease.
Sapien Sea Class underwater robotic arms for deep-sea tasks, offering human-like dexterity.

Who is in the executive team of Sarcos Technology and Robotics?

Sarcos Technology and Robotics leadership team
  • Mr. Benjamin G. Wolff
    Mr. Benjamin G. Wolff
    Co-Founder, President, CEO & Director
  • Ms. Laura J. Peterson
    Ms. Laura J. Peterson
    Executive Vice Chairman
  • Dr. Fraser  Smith
    Dr. Fraser Smith
    Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
  • Mr. Trevor  Thatcher
    Mr. Trevor Thatcher
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Denis  Garagic
    Dr. Denis Garagic
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Steve  Sonne J.D.
    Mr. Steve Sonne J.D.
    Chief Legal Officer & Secretary
  • Mr. Matt  Vogt
    Mr. Matt Vogt
    Chief Revenue Officer