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SAI.TECH Global (NASDAQ:SAI) is an innovative company specializing in energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions for the cryptocurrency mining sector. Their operations focus on developing and deploying integrated technologies designed to enhance the energy efficiency of mining activities, notably through their proprietary liquid immersion cooling systems. These cutting-edge systems not only reduce the carbon footprint associated with digital currency mining but also significantly improve the operational efficiency and longevity of mining equipment. SAI.TECH is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sustainable mining practices, aiming to set new industry standards while optimizing energy consumption. With a clear objective to lead the transition towards more sustainable and eco-friendly cryptocurrency mining operations, SAI.TECH is at the forefront of addressing environmental concerns within the digital asset community.
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Singapore, Singapore

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/Technology Solutions /Software Development /IT Consultancy /Digital Transformation /Cloud Services /Data Analytics

What are the products and/or services of SAI.TECH Global ?

Overview of SAI.TECH Global offerings
Energy-efficient Bitcoin mining solutions that significantly reduce the carbon footprint and operational costs of mining activities.
Waste heat recovery systems designed to capture and reuse heat generated from Bitcoin mining, enhancing energy efficiency.
SATO, a self-developed immersion cooling mining machine that optimizes mining performance through advanced cooling technology.
Renewable energy-powered mining farms which leverage green energy sources, promoting sustainable cryptocurrency mining practices.
R&D in blockchain technology to improve scalability, security, and sustainability of cryptocurrency ecosystems.
Partnerships with energy companies to develop innovative solutions for energy storage and distribution, leveraging blockchain technology.

Who is in the executive team of SAI.TECH Global ?

SAI.TECH Global leadership team
  • Mr. Risheng  Li
    Mr. Risheng Li
    CEO & Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Jian  Zou
    Mr. Jian Zou
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Tao  Wu
    Dr. Tao Wu
    COO & Chief Operating Officer of ULTIAAS
  • Mr. Minghui  Sun
    Mr. Minghui Sun
    CTO & Chief Technology Officer of ULTIAAS