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What does Sadot Group do?
Sadot Group (NASDAQ:SDOT) is a publicly traded company focused on providing sustainable solutions to global food security challenges. Formed in 2022, it combines the expertise of Muscle Maker Inc. with Aggia FZ LLC, a global supply chain consultancy. Sadot operates across the food supply chain, from sourcing and trading agri-commodities like wheat and corn to managing farms in Southern Africa and even running food service businesses in the US. With access to public capital through its Nasdaq listing, Sadot is poised for growth as it tackles the ever-increasing demand for efficient and sustainable food systems.
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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Sadot Group?

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Fort Worth, United States

What year was Sadot Group founded?

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What does Sadot Group specialise in?
/Project Management /Construction Services /Civil Engineering /Environmental Consulting /Water Infrastructure /Transportation Engineering

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Overview of Sadot Group offerings
Sourcing and Trading of Agri-Commodities: Sadot sources and trades essential agricultural commodities like wheat and corn, playing a crucial role in the global food supply chain.
Farm Management in Southern Africa: The company manages farms in Southern Africa, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices and food production in the region.
Food Service Businesses in the US: Through Muscle Maker Inc., Sadot operates food service businesses in the US, providing healthy and convenient meal options to consumers.
Supply Chain Consultancy: Aggia FZ LLC, part of Sadot, offers supply chain consultancy services, helping businesses optimize their logistics and operations.
Data-Driven Insights: Sadot leverages data analytics to gain valuable insights into the food supply chain, enabling informed decision-making and improved efficiency.
Sustainable Practices: The company prioritizes sustainable practices throughout its operations, from sourcing to farming, aiming to contribute to a more environmentally responsible food system.

Who is in the executive team of Sadot Group?

Sadot Group leadership team
  • Ms. Jennifer Kay Black
    Ms. Jennifer Kay Black
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Benjamin  Petel
    Mr. Benjamin Petel
    Secretary & Independent Director
  • Mr. Kevin James Mohan
    Mr. Kevin James Mohan
    Chief Investment Officer & Chairman
  • Mr. Michael J. Roper
    Mr. Michael J. Roper
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Kenneth Eugene Miller
    Mr. Kenneth Eugene Miller
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ms. Aimee  Infante
    Ms. Aimee Infante
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Mr. Rodney C. Silva
    Mr. Rodney C. Silva
    Chief Culture Officer of Muscle Maker Brands, LLC