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What is Rural Funds Group about?
Rural Funds Group (ASX:RFF) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns and operates a portfolio of agricultural assets in Australia. The company's portfolio includes assets such as prime farmland, water assets, and livestock infrastructure. Rural Funds Group's objective is to provide its shareholders with stable income and capital growth through investment in agricultural assets. Operations: Rural Funds Group's operations are focused on the acquisition, management, and development of agricultural assets. The company has a team of experienced professionals who manage its portfolio of assets. Rural Funds Group also has a strong focus on sustainability and corporate governance. Projects: Rural Funds Group is constantly developing new projects to expand its portfolio of agricultural assets. For example, the company recently acquired a portfolio of water assets in New South Wales.
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Where is the head office for Rural Funds Group?

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Canberra, Australia

What year was Rural Funds Group founded?

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/REIT /Investment /Fund /Real Estate /Property /Wealth
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    Canberra, Australia
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What are Rural Funds Group’s services?
Overview of Rural Funds Group offerings
Agricultural land investment: Rural Funds Group invests in agricultural land across Australia, with a focus on almonds, cattle, vineyards, cropping, and macadamias.
Agricultural infrastructure investment: Rural Funds Group invests in agricultural infrastructure, such as water infrastructure, processing facilities, and storage facilities.
Agricultural lease management: Rural Funds Group leases its agricultural assets to experienced farmers and operators.
Agricultural fund management: Rural Funds Group manages a number of agricultural funds, which invest in agricultural land and infrastructure.
Agricultural research and development: Rural Funds Group supports agricultural research and development through its partnerships with universities and research institutions.
Agricultural sustainability: Rural Funds Group is committed to sustainable agriculture and works with its tenants to implement sustainable practices.
Who is in the Rural Funds Group executive team?
Rural Funds Group leadership team
  • Mr. David Anthony Bryant
    Mr. David Anthony Bryant
    MD & Director of Rural Funds Management Limited
  • Mr. Daniel  Yap
    Mr. Daniel Yap
    Chief Financial Officer of Rural Funds Management Limited
  • Mr. Tim  Sheridan
    Mr. Tim Sheridan
    Chief Operating Officer of Rural Funds Management Ltd.
  • Mr. James  Powell
    Mr. James Powell
    Gen. Mang. of IR, Corp. Affairs & Sustainability - Rural Funds Management Ltd.
  • Sandra  McBryde
    Sandra McBryde
    Compliance Mang. of Rural Funds Management Limited
  • Craig  Hall
    Craig Hall
    Communications Mang. of Rural Funds Management Limited
  • Kristina  Smith
    Kristina Smith
    National Mang. of People & Safety - Rural Funds Management Limited
  • Ms. Emma  Spear
    Ms. Emma Spear
    National Mang. of Operations & Company Sec. of Rural Funds Management Limited