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What does Root do?
Root (NASDAQ:ROOT) specializes in providing insurance solutions, leveraging technology to offer personalized auto and home insurance products. As a tech-driven company, Root focuses on innovation within the insurance industry, with objectives geared towards making insurance fairer and more accurately priced through data analytics and machine learning. Their projects often revolve around the development and enhancement of their mobile app, aiming to streamline the customer experience from quote to claim. Root is keen on expanding its offerings and improving customer engagement, signaling a commitment to transforming traditional insurance practices to better meet individual needs.
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Where is the head office for Root?

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Head Office
Columbus, United States

What year was Root founded?

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Year Founded
What does Root specialise in?
/Car Insurance /Mobile Application /Telematics Technology /Personalized Rates /Roadside Assistance /Rental Coverage

What are the products and/or services of Root?

Overview of Root offerings
Mobile insurance platform offering personalized auto and renters insurance policies through data analytics and machine learning.
Root Ready, a program partnering with automotive manufacturers to integrate insurance offerings directly through vehicles' infotainment systems.
Root Home, using technology to offer a simplified and personalized homeowners insurance buying experience.
Discount programs for safe drivers, leveraging driving behavior data collected through the app to offer lower premiums.

Who is in the executive team of Root?

Root leadership team
  • Mr. Alexander Edward Timm
    Mr. Alexander Edward Timm
    Co-Founder, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Matt  Bonakdarpour
    Mr. Matt Bonakdarpour
    President & CTO
  • Ms. Megan Nicole Binkley
    Ms. Megan Nicole Binkley
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Jonathan Alexander Allison
    Mr. Jonathan Alexander Allison
    Chief Administrative Officer
  • Mr. Matthew Patrick LaMalva
    Mr. Matthew Patrick LaMalva
    Head of Investor Relations
  • Ms. Kelly  Ruoff
    Ms. Kelly Ruoff
    Chief Communications Officer
  • Ms. Jill  Kellett
    Ms. Jill Kellett
    Vice President of Product & Marketing
  • Katelynn  Sandy
    Katelynn Sandy
    Chief Information Security Officer