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Robonomics.Network (CRYPTO:XRT) is an open-source protocol and cryptocurrency designed to enable the creation and management of decentralized robotic economies. The network provides a platform for robots to interact with each other and with humans, and for developers to build applications that utilize robots. The project aims to revolutionize the way robots are operated and maintained, by enabling them to autonomously manage their own resources and interact with each other. The Robonomics.Network protocol is currently under development, but the project has already released a number of open-source tools and libraries. The project is also working on a number of partnerships with other organizations in the robotics and blockchain industries. The objective of the Robonomics.Network project is to create a decentralized and autonomous robotic economy. This would allow robots to operate without the need for human intervention, and it would also enable them to share resources and services with each other. This would have a significant impact on the way robots are used today, and it would pave the way for a future where robots are fully integrated into our society. company media
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/AI & Big Data /IoT /Polkadot Ecosystem

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Autonomous Resource Management: The network allows robots to autonomously manage their own resources, such as energy, data, and storage, reducing reliance on human intervention.
Decentralized Application Development Platform: The network serves as a platform for developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) that utilize robots, expanding the possibilities for robot-powered services.
Decentralized Robotic Economy Infrastructure: provides a decentralized infrastructure for robots to interact with each other and with humans, enabling the creation of a robotic economy.
Open-Source Tools and Libraries: The project provides a suite of open-source tools and libraries for developers to build upon and integrate with the ecosystem.
Robot-to-Robot Interaction: facilitates direct communication and collaboration between robots, fostering a more interconnected and efficient robotic ecosystem.
Secure and Transparent Transactions: employs blockchain technology to ensure secure, transparent, and auditable transactions between robots and other entities.