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What does Research Solutions do?
Research Solutions (NASDAQ:RSSS) is a specialized firm dedicated to streamlining the research process for academic and corporate environments. Standing as a bridge that connects the worlds of information discovery and scholarly publishing, the company provides an intuitive platform for accessing scientific, technical, and medical (STM) research materials and literature. Targeting to enhance efficiency and foster innovation within the research community, Research Solutions aims to eliminate the traditional barriers to access and consumption of vast information resources. Their projects include the development of advanced research tools, integration of AI for better discovery, and partnerships with publishing houses to enlarge their accessible content pool. The company’s primary objective is to empower researchers and organizations by simplifying and accelerating their quest for knowledge.
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What sector is Research Solutions in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for Research Solutions?

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Head Office
Henderson, United States

What year was Research Solutions founded?

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Year Founded
What does Research Solutions specialise in?
/Article Galaxy /Scientific Research /Document Delivery /Cloud-Based Platform /Copyright Compliance /SaaS Solutions

What are the products and/or services of Research Solutions?

Overview of Research Solutions offerings
Articles Galaxy, a platform offering one-step access to scientific research articles and book chapters with simplified acquisition and management.
Reprints Desk, a service facilitating the acquisition of scientific paper reprints for promotional or educational use.
BiblioDoc, a research document delivery service that provides fast access to scientific, technical, and medical content.
Article Galaxy Scholar, a platform designed to increase access to academic research for institutions, optimizing their library budgets and streamlining workflows.
InfoDesk, a service integrating and delivering personalized news, research, and business intelligence into a single platform.

Who is in the executive team of Research Solutions?

Research Solutions leadership team
  • Mr. Roy W. Olivier
    Mr. Roy W. Olivier
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. William A. Nurthen
    Mr. William A. Nurthen
    CFO & Secretary
  • Mr. Scott  Ahlberg
    Mr. Scott Ahlberg
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Frank  Buckley
    Mr. Frank Buckley
    Account Manager
  • Mr. Rick  Salloum
    Mr. Rick Salloum
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Tedd  Adams
    Mr. Tedd Adams
    Director of Sales
  • Mr. Alan Louis Urban CPA
    Mr. Alan Louis Urban CPA
    Executive Officer
  • Mr. Shane Alan Hunt
    Mr. Shane Alan Hunt
    Chief Revenue Officer