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Research Frontiers (NASDAQ:REFR) is a technology company focused on the development and licensing of suspended particle device (SPD) smart glass technology. This innovative product allows users to instantly adjust the shading of glass or plastic, making it darker or clearer to enhance comfort and energy efficiency in automobiles, aircraft, trains, homes, and buildings. With applications ranging from automotive sunroofs and side windows to smart windows for buildings, Research Frontiers is dedicated to revolutionizing the way people experience transparency and light control. The company's main objective is to continuously innovate and expand the applications of its SPD technology, aiming to improve energy efficiency, comfort, and privacy across different sectors.
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Information Technology

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Woodbury, United States

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/Smart Glass Technology /SPD-SmartGlass /Energy Efficiency /Light Control /Aviation Industry /Automotive Industry

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Overview of Research Frontiers offerings
SPD-SmartGlass technology allows users to instantly adjust the tint of windows, optimizing energy efficiency and comfort.
Automotive solutions include smart glass sunroofs, windows, and mirrors enhancing driving experience and energy savings.
Aerospace applications provide SPD technology for aircraft windows, improving passenger comfort and reducing fuel consumption.
Marine solutions offer smart glass for boats and yachts, enhancing visibility and reducing heat and glare.
Architectural smart glass solutions for buildings and homes, improving climate control and aesthetics.
Electronic shading for skylights and interior partitions, using SPD technology for on-demand privacy and light control.

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Research Frontiers leadership team
  • Mr. Joseph M. Harary
    Mr. Joseph M. Harary
    CEO, President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary & Director