What is Reece about?
Reece (ASX:REH) is an Australian supplier of plumbing, bathroom, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, irrigation and refrigeration products to customers in the trade, retail, commercial and infrastructure markets. The company operates over 600 branches across Australia and New Zealand. The company focuses on providing a wide range of products and services for retail and commercial customers, including plumbers, irrigation contractors, landscape designers, pool builders, civil construction works, home builders and commercial developers. Reece also owns several subsidiaries including MORSCO Inc, Barsco Inc, and Tyco Water Corp.
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How many people does Reece employ?


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Where is the head office for Reece?

Head Office
Victoria, Australia

What year was Reece founded?

Year Founded
What does Reece specialise in?
/Capital goods /Consumer staples /Plumbing /Irrigation /Home development /Infrastructure
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    Burwood, Australia
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What are Reece’s services?
Overview of Reece offerings
Plumbing: Australia’s leading supplier of plumbing and bathroom products, who also work to support plumbers in the trade.
Bathroom Life Showrooms: bathroom, kitchen and laundry products, and consultants provide expert advice and brand demonstrations.
HVAC: provides specialised equipment, parts and supplies for the commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industries.
Civil: specialised products and service for civil construction works including water mains, sewerage, drainage, fire services, gas mains and telecommunications.
Reece Foundation: Fund and initiate projects to provide clean water and sanitation to communities locally and abroad.
Who is in the Reece executive team?
Reece leadership team
  • Mr. Peter J. Wilson
    Mr. Peter J. Wilson
    CEO, MD & Exec. Director
  • Mr. Andrew  Cowlishaw
    Mr. Andrew Cowlishaw
    Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Leslie Alan Wilson
    Mr. Leslie Alan Wilson
    Exec. Director
  • Sasha  Nikolic
    Sasha Nikolic
    Chief Exec. Officer of United States
  • Mr. Marius  Vermeulen
    Mr. Marius Vermeulen
    CEO of Australia & New Zealand
  • Mr. Claude A. Swanson Hornsby III
    Mr. Claude A. Swanson Hornsby III
    Exec. Chair of United States
  • Ms. Chantelle  Duffy
    Ms. Chantelle Duffy
    Company Sec.