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What does Reading International B do?
Reading International B (NASDAQ:RDI) is a diverse company with operations centered around the development, ownership, and operation of multiplex cinemas and retail and commercial real estate, including entertainment-themed retail centers in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. This varied portfolio allows Reading International to leverage the synergies between movie-going and retail experiences, catering to a broad audience. The company's focus is on delivering high-quality, engaging entertainment and shopping environments, aiming to enhance community spaces while driving profitability and shareholder value. Through strategic investments in real estate and entertainment venues, Reading International aims to sustain and grow its market presence by offering compelling locations for both consumers and tenants.
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What sector is Reading International B in?

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Communication Services

Where is the head office for Reading International B?

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Los Angeles, United States

What year was Reading International B founded?

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Year Founded
What does Reading International B specialise in?
/Cinema Operations /Real Estate Development /Film Distribution /Entertainment Services /Theatre Operations /Cultural Experiences

What are the products and/or services of Reading International B?

Overview of Reading International B offerings
Movie Theater Operation: They operate multiplex cinemas under various brands like Reading Cinemas, Consolidated Theatres, Angelika Film Center, Event Cinemas, and Rialto Cinemas.
Concession Sales: This includes selling food, beverages, and merchandise at their cinemas.
Event Hosting: They might offer event hosting services for private functions or corporate events within their theaters.
Property Leasing: They may lease out commercial properties they own that are not being used for cinemas.
Property Management: This could involve managing their own real estate portfolio or offering property management services to third parties.
Property Development: It's possible they develop or redevelop real estate assets they own, though their primary focus seems to be on existing properties.

Who is in the executive team of Reading International B?

Reading International B leadership team
  • Ms. Margaret  Cotter
    Ms. Margaret Cotter
    Chairperson and Executive VP of Real Estate Management & Development
  • Ms. Ellen Marie Cotter
    Ms. Ellen Marie Cotter
    President, CEO & Vice Chairman
  • Mr. S. Craig Tompkins J.D.
    Mr. S. Craig Tompkins J.D.
    Executive VP & General Counsel
  • Mr. Guy Wilkerson Adams
    Mr. Guy Wilkerson Adams
    Lead Technology & Cyber Risk Director and Independent Director
  • Mr. Gilbert  Avanes
    Mr. Gilbert Avanes
    CFO, Executive VP & Treasurer
  • Mr. Andrzej J. Matyczynski
    Mr. Andrzej J. Matyczynski
    Executive Vice President of Global Operations
  • Mr. Steven J. Lucas
    Mr. Steven J. Lucas
    Chief Accounting Officer, VP & Controller
  • Mr. John  Goeddel
    Mr. John Goeddel
    Executive VP & Chief Information Officer