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Rakon (CRYPTO:RKN) is a blockchain-based network that is designed to connect infrastructure, satellites, and navigation and communication systems in trustless ecosystems that do not depend on middlemen or intermediaries. Rakon offers a variety of services, including satellite communication, navigation, and communication. Rakon is also working on a number of projects to expand the use of its network, such as developing a satellite-based ISP and a decentralized social media platform. Rakon's objective is to create a decentralized and trustless ecosystem for infrastructure, satellites, and navigation and communication systems. Rakon believes that this will make the world a more connected and equitable place.
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Zug, Switzerland

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Decentralized communication system: Rakon provides a decentralized communication system that is not subject to censorship or interference. This makes it ideal for applications such as free speech platforms and social media.
Decentralized social media platform: Rakon is also developing a decentralized social media platform that will allow users to communicate and share content without having to worry about censorship or surveillance. This will be a valuable tool for people who live in repressive regimes or who simply want to have more control over their online privacy.
Global navigation satellite system (GNSS): Rakon provides a GNSS that can be used to track and navigate objects. This is useful for a variety of applications, such as maritime navigation, land surveying, and precision agriculture.
Satellite-based internet service provider (ISP): Rakon is developing a satellite-based ISP that will provide users with access to high-speed internet even in remote areas. This will be especially beneficial for people in developing countries and underserved areas.
Secure and reliable satellite communication: Rakon provides a secure and reliable way to send and receive data over satellite. This makes it ideal for applications such as remote communication, emergency services, and machine-to-machine communication.
Secure and transparent data storage: Rakon provides a secure and transparent way to store data on the blockchain. This is useful for applications such as data provenance, medical records, and voting systems.