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Radworks (CRYPTO:RAD) is a community-governed organization that funds the development of open-source projects related to internet freedom. It is funded by the RAD token, which was launched in 2021. RAD holders can participate in the governance of the organization and earn rewards for staking their tokens. Radworks is currently supporting two projects: Radicle and Drips. Radicle is a peer-to-peer version control system that is designed to be secure and censorship-resistant. Drips is a network for distributing and monetizing digital content. Radworks' objective is to support the development of open-source technologies that promote internet freedom. The organization believes that these technologies are essential for creating a more open and equitable world.
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/Coinbase Ventures Portfolio /DAO /Fabric Ventures Portfolio /Placeholder Ventures Portfolio

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Overview of Radworks offerings
Access to early-stage projects: RAD token holders may have access to early-stage projects that are supported by Radworks.
Access to private communities and events: RAD token holders may have access to private communities and events hosted by Radworks.
Discounted fees on Radworks projects: RAD token holders may be eligible for discounted fees on Radworks projects, such as Radicle and Drips.
Governance: RAD token holders can participate in the governance of the Radworks organization by voting on proposals and submitting their own proposals.
Potential investment opportunities: RAD is a cryptocurrency token that can be traded on exchanges. RAD token holders may have the opportunity to profit from the future growth of the RAD token.
Staking rewards: RAD token holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards. Staking helps to secure the Radworks network and supports the development of Radworks projects.